Masters Throwing Events

Masters throwers compete in 5 different single events: hammer, shot put, discus, javelin & weight throw & two multi-events, throws triathlon & throws pentathlon.  In addition masters throwers also compete in the ultra weight pentathlon & super weight especially in the United States.....more info

Age Groups & Implements

Masters begin at age 35 & complete in 5 year age groups for men & women.  In throws the weight of implements also changes as competitors become older.....more info

Age-Graded Scoring
Obviously as a person gets older, performances will naturally decline.  To allow older athletes to complete on a level playing field, the concept of age-graded performance was developed to account for this natural decline in performance.  The age-graded tables follow the same principles as the IAAF points tables for each event but they differ by assigning an age-graded factor for each 5 year age class.....more info 

More to come......

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