Discus Video #3 - Teach with the Proper Terms - EliteThrowsCoaching  

Discus Throw Women / 01 Sep / Zurich Diamond League 2016

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Discus Throw - 100 years of Champions

Jürgen Schult - Discus world record holder   

Discus Video #6 Part 2 - Starting Your Drive Down the Circle   

DISCUS Throw Delivery drills by Didier POPPE

Discus Video #1 - Selecting the Proper Rim Weight   

Discus Video #4 - Getting Started in the Back of the Circle

Canada's Premier Masters Throwing Club

Discus Video #6 Part 1 - Starting Your Drive Down the Circle   

Discus for beginners

Discus Video #5 - Turning Out of the Back of the Circle   

Throwers Club 

Discus Video #7 - Mirror Turn In Mid-Air - EliteThrowsCoaching

Jason Tunks Q64.02m Discus Throw   


Discus Video #9 - Proper Block and Release   

Discus Video #8 - Discus Power Position   

Discus Video #2 - Proper Grip & Release - EliteThrowsCoaching  

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How to throw the Discus 101 (Full Spin)