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Canada's Premier Masters Throwing Club

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Medicine ball - javelin

#7 World's Greatest Stretch - 3L/R   


Richard Parkinson

IAAF Level 5 Elite Throws Coach

Athletics Canada National Team Event Coach

Zelezny Back Extensions with Shoulder Plates   

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#5 Standing Hip Circles (Hip Rotations) - 5L/R   

#8 Two Way Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch 3 L/R   

#4 Upper Limb C.A.R.S. + Elbow Extension (Arm Rotations) 5L/R   

#2 Lateral Neck Bends C.A.R.S. 3x:05 sec L/R 

Petranoff Single Leg Med Ball Drills

#10 Forearm / Elbow Mobilization - 3 L/R   

#4 & #5 Band Holds 2017 

#6 Sumo Squat w/Hamstring Stretch Pul Heel Lock - 3   

#3 Rotational Shoulder Scour 5 Fwd / 5 Bwd   

#3 Bar Praying 2017 

#2 Holsters 2017

#1 Bent Arm Lateral Arm Raises 2017

#9 Quadruped Alternating Frog Leg Position Stretch 3L/R   

#1 Rotational Neck Holds C.A.R.S. 3x;05 sec L/R   

Javelin Med Ball Snakes